I find myself feeling so conflicted. She’s my mom. I love her. When I distance myself, I feel mean.

But then, she does things that remind me why I need that distance.

I told her about a job I was interested in. The hours were ideal, and it was at the school I want my daughter to go to. My mom hasn’t worked for a long time (nor does she need to). As I described the job, she immediately decided to apply for the same position. She is more qualified for the job.

Yesterday, she told me that she heard back from the headmaster of the school.  “Ugh, I don’t even really want this job. I didn’t even send a resume but she is practically begging me. They must really have NO OPTIONS.”  (Basically implying the other candidates must suck…thanks).  After ‘complaining about how much she didn’t want the job, she then told me (as we were eating my birthday cake) that she had an interview next week. Even though she “really doesn’t want the job”.

I never even got an email back from the headmaster.  I’m just…floored. The first job I apply to in years  (I’ve been a stay at home mom) and she applies for the same one ?!





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